Voting on a proposal

This is a guide for voting on a proposal for any Romulus governance system. Voting is very simple as long as you have voting power.


  • A non-zero amount of voting power. If you have voting tokens, but don't see any voting power, you will need to delegate votes to yourself. By default, you will be delegating tokens to no one.

    • Even if you have no voting tokens, you can ask others to delegate their votes to your address.

How to vote

  1. Pick the governance system you would like to vote in. E.g., Ubeswap etc.

  2. Vote by picking For or Against in the interface


  • Voting does not affect your token balance.

  • Voting power is snapshotted at proposal creation. If you had 100 votes delegated to yourself when a proposal was created, you will have 100 votes for that proposal even if you transfer your tokens away.

  • As long as you have a non-zero amount of voting power, you can vote on a proposal.

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