What is Romulus?

Romulus is a platform to enable on-chain governance. Any Celo protocol that uses a voting token (e.g. UBE) can create a governance through Romulus. Being on-chain means proposals through Romulus have no dependency on the protocol's team. If a protocol's community decides it is a good idea to grant a bounty to a community member, the community does not need any external approval of the idea as long as such a proposal is voted to pass by the community.

Why should I use Romulus?

If your token supports voting (e.g. UBE), we highly encourage the creation of governance through Romulus for a few reasons:
  1. 1.
    Leverage security and reliability of a working system rather than reinvent a new one
  2. 2.
    Quickly create a governance system: both smart contracts and interface
  3. 3.
    Use a platform that will become more familiar to other Celo users as more protocols adopt Romulus

Is Romulus open-source?

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